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About me

It's magical, right?

To think that you look at that trunk with leaves in a tiny pot, and it is really a sturdy tree. In addition, these small jewels represent much more than what is seen. Stroking their leaves, pruning them with care and watering them carefully is the best therapy to relax, balance the mind and increase your creativity.

All this you already know, but it is true that your first bonsai is like a son, it comes to you suddenly and you have no idea where to take it:

● Doubts even of your kind
● You do not know how to take care of him
● Transplant, irrigation, pruning?

The technicalities do not help; prebonsai, wiring, layering ... and to finish fixing it, the names appear in Japanese; akadama, kusamono, suiseki, yamadoris ...

You end up in front of the poor tree, with scissors in your hand and a drop of sweat falling on your forehead while you decide which branch you prune, as if it were a movie in which someone rises up to play by cutting the red wire or the blue of a pump .

Let's be honest, in the world of bonsai it can be dense and complex, and you end up overwhelmed and leave it, or fall in love with it and change your life, it depends on the experience you have when you start it.

It is a story that I have seen repeated many times, and for the love that I have for this art, I have committed myself to a mission:

My story

The way to dedicate myself to my true passion is similar to the care of a bonsai; a patient, tenacious and constant learning process. I almost do not remember if I started gardening first or to become fond of bonsai, surely it was a graft between both. But if I turn the branches to look at the past, I see that they have been 20 years lived by, for, and above all between plants and trees. Watering, transplanting, wiring, pruning, learning and discovering the deep happiness of the simplicity that conveys the art of bonsai.

20 years ago I planted in me the seed of this hobby that led me to be part of the Association of Bonsai of Álava, and as expected, that seed began to grow. I started to give workshops and make demonstrations in congresses, to share the knowledge I acquired by training with Colin Lewis, David Benavente or Marco Invernizzi.

Like the plant that turns into a tree, my hobby stopped being it little by little, to become something more firm and lasting, this way the opportunities of participating in exhibitions of high level like Alcobendas, Niemeyer, Tantai or Saulieu came.

Nature is wise, and says that this is the time to blossom, to condense everything I have learned and put it at the service of everyone who loved this world as I do, and do it in a simple, close and accessible way.

If you see that behind a bonsai there is much more than a small tree, you are mine, and perhaps I can show you what it is that you intuit. With what I can only ask you one thing:

How can I help you?